Bio Hub – ECO-system of connected vessels

Bio Hub is a high quality food center. This modern platform combines: logistics facilities, a network of partners – high-quality food producers, infrastructure necessary for year-round production of organic food, “Bio Hub Bazar”, as a platform for local direct sales, along with its ON-LINE version, where you can shop via the Internet, as well as “Vegemat” – a maintenance-free and contactless sales system.

Bio Hub

Bio Hub is an ecosystem designed for comprehensive production support and high quality products. Our goal is to create a solution covering: cultivation, production, preparation product for sale, packaging and a local and nationwide distribution platform.

We began building Bio Hub in 2019 from establishing cooperation with leading ecological and traditional producers from the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, as well as the entire country. The second important event was the first edition of BioBazar, which developed into the “Bio Hub Bazar” – a local sales platform. The next pillar of the Bio Hub distribution system is “Vegemat” – a solution prepared with “these times” in mind, a fully automated sales system based on a network of automated stores – “Vegemats” and an online shopping platform – “Bio Hub Bazar online” , which fastens the “stationary version” of the bazaar and the points of automated personal pickup.

The Bio Hub will be built up in stages, and will include:

Bio Hub Bazar

Our own direct sales platform created by the Ostoja Natury cooperative group of partners and producers of high quality products.

Bio Hub Logistics

Logistics center design for high quality products. Cleaning and storage: vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals, preserves.

Bio Hub Processing

Processing plant project for organic vegetables and fruits

Bio Pak

Technological line for the production of biodegradable packaging for food.


A fleet of electric vans powered by energy produced on our farm – waste-free distribution.

Bio Hub Distribution

Distribution based on a combination of smart infrastructure in the city and in the countryside – Vegemats and E-suppliers

Bio Hub Energy

Energy infrastructure project based on renewable energy sources built to ensure energy independence

Bio Hub Horeka

Professional distribution platform for business entities (BTB) – handling orders for shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Vegemat high-quality food at your fingertips

Vegemat is a modern and innovative system that meets the needs of consumers. The desire to buy high-quality products from local hosts is an unflagging trend in society. Currently, consumers are paying more and more attention to where food comes from, and in addition to a proven source, they also expect freshness, quality and convenience of delivery.

Vegemat is a maintenance-free and contact-free distribution system for fresh food and preserves, including vegetables, fruit, honey, dairy products, eggs, juices, flour or herbs, as well as whole sets, occasional, seasonal and thematic, i.e. packages that can be ordered and configured via the online Bio Hub Bazar online store.

Bio Hub Bazar

Bio Hub Bazar – “Full of Health” Eko Market in Olsztynek starts in June 2020 and will be open every Sunday – the place of the bazaar is the Municipal Market in Olsztynek ul. Kościuszki 6.

The main goal of Bio Hub Bazar is to support and popularize the short food supply chain, including processing and marketing of agricultural products. We achieve this goal by building a permanent place of sale of high quality products. At Bio Hub Bazar, RSP Ostoja Natury and its partners offer their products.

We omit all intermediaries, which allows the customer to contact directly with a group of producers, breeders and farmers who can constantly and continuously meet the nutritional needs of customers from the region, and in particular to respond to the growing demand for products produced using organic and traditional methods. We want to increase the trust of the end customer by being able to ensure: regular deliveries, adjusting their size to the needs, appropriate and even quality of the raw material.

  • Real bread without enhancers – Ostoja Natury in cooperation with bakery Magdalenka
  • Organic vegetables and fruits – Ostoja Natury, Biogrim, RolApis, Goat on lavender,
  • Traditional meat and sausages – FLIS-POl
  • Organic goat, sheep, cow, traditional cheese – lavender goat
  • Fresh and smoked fish – Jarosław Parol
  • Honey – Suwalska Pasieka, RolApis, Ostoja Natury
  • Bio cleaning products – ProBiotics
  • Bio cosmetics for the whole family – ProBiotics

„Europejski Fundusz Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich: Europa inwestująca w obszary wiejskie”. Instytucja Zarządzająca PROW 2014-2020 – Minister Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi. Projekt współfinansowany jest ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Krajowej Sieci Obszarów Wiejskich PROW 2014-2020.

Bio Hub Bazar online

Bio Hub Bazar Online is an interactive shopping platform that complements the stationary bazaar and Vegemats for people, who value the option of ordering products online or, for example, preparing a shopping list in electronic form, and then collecting a ready package at our Eco Market.

The platform will be launched at the beginning of May 2020 and will allow ordering products with the option of personal pickup at the headquarters of RSP Ostoja Natury and our Partners, during Bio Hub Bazar every Sunday, in available Vegematach, as well as in the case of selected products with the courier delivery option. We know that the last of the options is very attractive from the point of view of many customers, no less we care primarily about the quality of our products, which is why we wisely choose an assortment that can be sent in this way.