BioTech 2020


The rapid technological development of the agricultural sector requires constant updating of knowledge and skills in order to maintain the economic efficiency and competitiveness of farms, especially in the area of ​​advanced technologies of high-quality products.

At present, the best source of knowledge are practitioners and inventors who constantly update common knowledge with new technologies, solutions or entire processes. Knowledge obtained first-hand from leading specialists, supported by practical examples of implementations (case studies), is the most effective form of education for farmers and inhabitants of rural areas.

The answer is BioTech – a meeting of professionals from the high-quality food industry in order to popularize and organize knowledge in the field of the latest technologies in the agricultural sector and high-quality products (including ecological). Practitioners, inventors and representatives of science will participate in the first edition of BioTech. During the lectures and presentations, modern production processes used in modern agriculture will be presented, as well as technological and scientific achievements used at various stages of cultivation, breeding and processing processes. The transferred knowledge is to contribute to increasing production efficiency, competitiveness and improving the quality of the farmers’ workshop.


Increasing the awareness of the inhabitants of rural areas by organizing and transferring knowledge and presenting good practices, economically, environmentally and socially efficient in the field of the latest technologies of the agricultural sector, high-quality products (including ecological) by using the synergy of the following tools:

  • meetings / workshops of specialists from Poland and Europe
  • booklet
  • exhibition
  • video publication on the internet


We assume that the BioTech event will significantly increase the awareness of rural residents by promoting natural methods of cultivation. Development and then implementation of investment applications, creation of know-how of organic farms will make organic production play an even greater importance on the Polish market, and thus increase the quality of life in rural areas.

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“European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas”. RDP Managing Authority 2014-2020 – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the National Rural Network of RDP 2014-2020.