Located in the Knyszyn Forest, on the site of the former industrial plants, “Czarna Białostocka” has inherited the best of the rich historical heritage of agricultural machinery production in this area, at the same time enriching the knowledge and experience with the most modern production solutions, high-class components and unique in this industry, anti-corrosion technology by hot-dip galvanizing.

All this, combined with full commitment and a professional approach to the needs of customers, has brought the company many awards, incl. Forbes, Cheetahs of Business or the Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises. On the other hand, the trust that customers place in it every year translates into an increase in sales and enables continuous development by introducing new models to the offer and improving those already in operation.

It is worth mentioning that the most iconic N-208, N-211, N-233 and N-235 spreaders have served for decades, and sometimes are still used on farms throughout the country and abroad. It is also possible due to the enormous service support that this manufacturer offers to its customers.

We are very pleased with the cooperation we have established and welcome CynkoMet among the technological partners with whom we develop, modernize and implement solutions to help in the development of Polish organic farming, including the regenerative variant.

Machines manufactured by CynkoMet are primarily used to work with natural fertilizers, which are the basis of organic farming.

Dzik N-200

Compact manure spreader. It is one of the smallest machines of its kind in the world. “Dzik” has arrived to us, gently modernized by the crew from Czarna Białostocka. It will allow us to mix organic substrate and fill compost beds with it. Its great advantage, when looking at the challenges ahead, is its low weight, compactness and thus the possibility of combining with mini tractors and even with passenger cars. In order for “regenerative” agriculture to develop, we need efficient, low-cost machines that allow for mechanization and thus optimization of production.

Technical data

  • Own weight: 410 kg
  • Length: 3070mm
  • Width: 1380mm
  • Height (* without extensions): 1090mm
  • Load capacity: 800kg

Specyfikacja szczegółowa

  • Load box dimensions (height): 512mm
  • Load box dimensions (width): 700mm
  • Load box dimensions (length): 1500mm
  • Suspension: rigid
  • Loading area: 1.05 m2
  • Floor plate thickness: 3mm
  • Transport / working speed: 15 km / h
  • Wheel track: 1120 mm
  • Tire type: 23 × 8.50-12
  • Floor height from the ground: 480 mm
  • Loading capacity: 0.6 m3