Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of heavy agricultural equipment based in Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1890 and employs around 25,000 people worldwide. people, and Kubota tractors prove themselves in many fields and in many tasks, characterized by truly Japanese quality.

Kubota M5091

In Ostoja Natury, we have a Kubota M5091 tractor at our disposal, which is a response to the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. Many improvements were made to the tractor, which were suggested by Kubota’s customers, including a new, 18 cm larger cab with approval for two people, electro-hydraulic reverse, a completely new look of the tractor. These are just a few changes from the older brother. It works perfectly in Ostoja.

Kubota M5091

The Kubota MGX IV is a model that amazes with its versatility among professional tractors. Its refined design ensures high productivity.

The MGX series has been enriched with tractors of the new generation – MGX IV. Thanks to many improvements, they amaze with their multifunctionality and efficiency in carrying out everyday tasks, which with their help become surprisingly easy.