MANDAM is one of the largest Polish producers of agricultural machinery. Annually, it produces about 3,000 machines, more than half of which is exported.

The constantly expanding range of MANDAM products includes tillage machines, plowing and maintenance of green areas as well as a tool for mechanization of works on a farm. The most important motto of MANDAM’s activity is the quality of products, environmental protection, customer safety, service and individual adaptation of machine accessories to the type of soil in a given region.

Mandam equipment used in Ostoja Natury

mandam kus


A two-bar stubble cultivator for stubble cultivation, cultivation before sowing and planting, where thanks to perfect undercutting and mixing of harvest residues, they achieve excellent results. Two rows of tines and toothed discs ø 465 mm arranged alternately and a wide range of cultivating rollers guarantee a high level of post-harvest cultivation. The high clearance between the frame and the ground (about 80 cm) allows you to work with high-cut cereal or maize stubble.

mandam wal nozowy

Knife shaft 3.0

The knife shaft with a diameter of 380 mm can be installed directly in front of the disc harrow or on the tractor’s TURN. It consists of six segments on which cutting knives made of 8 mm hardox are mounted. Its main task is to cut straw and harvest residues. It is also the perfect tool to fight the European corn borer.

mandam plug

Light plow 3+

ORKAN reversible plows are offered with three, four and five bodies. The frame of the plows is made of a 120x120x8 mm profile (in models 3+ and 3 + 1) and 140x140x10 mm (in models 4+ and 4 + 1). The design of the plows is characterized by a high clearance under the frame (82 cm), large gaps between the bodies (102 cm) and a wide range of working width adjustment (30-50 cm). The ORKAN plow can be plowed in all conditions, it is durable, it has little resistance, it is easy to operate.

mandam MG2 2000

Subsoiler MG2 2000 + moles

Subsoilers ensure deep loosening of the soil without disturbing its layered structure and eliminating the plow sole.

mandam hybro

HYBRO 6,0 m H

Hybro in the first section consisting of cast iron fibers levels the surface of the meadow, levels molehills, grinds animal excrements and performs initial aeration. The second section of the spring harrow perfectly serves as an area of meadows and other green areas, perfectly preparing them for sowing grass (sowing losses). Hybro can be equipped on customer’s request with a pneumatic seeder and cambridge rollers for sowing grass.

mandam kultywator best

BEST cultivator

The task of the BEST cultivator is the perfect preparation of the soil for sowing and germination of plants rich in nutrients, water and oxygen. BEST is a multi-section pre-sowing cultivator, the basic working area of which consists of 5 rows of vibrating tines. The increased number of rows in relation to standard aggregates allows the use of a tooth pitch of 8 cm and an improvement in the efficiency of the machine.