dr Przemysław Brzyski (Politechnika Lubelska)

Before you, the third of Polish speakers of the BioTech 2.0 conference – dr Przemysław Brzyski, one of the few practitioners and theorists in the field of organic construction and, above all, a specialist in the use of hemp in construction. Can hemp be the building material of the future as it was in the past? We will try to answer this question next Sunday.

A graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Lublin University of Technology, major in construction, and currently an academic and didactic worker of this faculty. The area of scientific activity is the use of industrial hemp in the technology of building materials. In 2018, he defended his doctoral dissertation on research on lime-hemp composite.

He also conducts training and workshops on building with the use of hemp. As a trainer, he participated in over a dozen construction of houses made of lime-hemp composite.

Subject: “Industrial hemp in construction”

The presentation concerns the possibility of using industrial hemp in construction. The general principles of construction, the range of hemp-based building materials, the main properties of these materials and the features of hemp houses that distinguish them from houses made in traditional technologies will be presented.