Farm Gear: episode 2 – Mandam is online!


We are pleased to present the second episode of the Farm Gear series, which is the information magazine implemented in the “Docu-Reality” formula. The premiere is once a month on our channel

Already today, i.e. January 16, we present the premiere of the second episode of the series, in which the program leader Antek Pawlicki and Stanisław Suchorski, Member of the Board of Ostoja for Agricultural Production, test agricultural machinery in practice during field work. They also visit the Mandam factory in Gliwice, where these machines are produced. This episode is a unique opportunity to get to know and see the entire agricultural machine production process. During the tests you will also see how to properly set the plow, how to plow or how to use the grubber properly.

In the next episodes you will learn more about the next technologies and solutions implemented on our farm and their producers or creators. You will learn how machines are manufactured, advanced technologies in agriculture are created, and you will learn about the benefits that we achieve thanks to the implementation of individual technologies in our farm.

Why are we doing this? As Ostoja Natury, we complete a machine park for a reference organic farm, through the promotion of which we want to encourage farmers to switch to BIO cultivation, beneficial for both the environment and consumers.

Contrary to current schemes, we want to show that organic farming is modern, interesting and represents the future for rural farms below 100 hectares. It is sustainable agriculture that determines soil quality and biodiversity, and thus our future.

As a refuge, we believe that only efficient, sustainable and ecological agriculture that produces a high-quality healthy product, using methods that are good for our planet, can be the answer to the challenges of our time.

Farm Gear: odcinek 2 - Mandam

Farm Gear episode 2 – Mandam: