Flow Hive in Ostoja Natury

The time has come to introduce our little helpers without whom most crops would never have succeeded. Bees in Ostoja Natury! Big thanks go to Tadeusz Rolnik who transported the whole swarm to us from Sanok. Thanks Tadek!

At Ostoja Natura we talk a lot about innovation and changing the world: here you have one: Flow Hive or honey on tap.. They were created by father and son out of their own need to find a simpler and gentler method for obtaining fresh honey. Today, their idea thanks to the support of people from all over the world through the “crowdfunding” platform is a reality and we are proud to present the first Flow Hive in Ostoja Natura. Our bees acclimated very quickly and today they are preparing for their first winter in Tomaszyn, so we will have to wait for our own honey until spring. Next year we invite you to take a “walk with bees” and learn how important and useful these insects are.You will also be able to try our fresh honey straight from the Beehive.

Greetings to the creators of Flow Hive and maybe soon we will be able to say something more about the effects of our cooperation.