Kubota M7173 i kultywator BEST od Mandam w Ostoi Natury

Our farm has been working at full speed for the last few days. A Kubota M7173 with 175 hp and a hemp header came to us and the harvest began. We were also able to test the tractor with the Mandam BEST seedbed cultivator. There was a power! 🔥 Together with the guys, we shot a lot of good material, which will systematically appear on our You Tubu channel – Ostoja Natury TV.

Today we all have cannabis! The tractor, after being combined with a Polish construction haeder, turned into a hemp harvester. The harvest was abundant and with the combined forces of Ostoja Natury, EuroHemp, Hemperativa, Agro Konopi and the guys from Kubota Polska, we will try to control the bio-mass. Special thanks to Jakub and his brother from Team Kubota, without which the whole operation would not have gone so smoothly. We would like to thank the whole team who did “a lot” of good work in the last two days.

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