Meanwhile, in Ostoja Natury

The intense May weekend is behind us (the end of April and the beginning of May) is a period of increased work on our farm, so forgive me that the frequency of our posts has decreased.
We started the spring works by planting garlic and onions, and at the same time, we started establishing blueberry plantations and other plantings, sowing, and seedlings of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, raspberries, strawberries, leeks, celery, kale, potatoes, spinach, carrots, parsley, leek, celery, broccoli, rutabaga, lettuce and much more.
As part of the Smart Rural 21 program, we entered the process of planning and knowledge sharing. Behind us, visits of several distinguished guests and various topics of visit:
  • Earthship-Paul Hendriksen co-founder of one of the largest projects in Europe – the Dutch village of Ost more
  • Regenerative grazing in Tomaszyn – Lubuskie Angusowo
  • Agro Sad – Grzegorz Marynowski specialist in old varieties of trees
  • Passive “greenhouse” in the Chinese style – Andrzej Walczak, a specialist in the field of heat exchange and storage, creator of the Walczak Tube and the sonic furnace.
You will be able to follow the effects of our cooperation in the coming months on our YT channel – Ostoja Natury TV.