In the 34th episode of Ostoja Vlog, we present you the tools and solutions of the French company “Terrateck”. These are mostly hand and mechanical tools dedicated to work in the “no-dig” system.

Terrateck was born out of a school meeting between Pierre SOUDAN and Romain WITTRISCH during their MA studies in Entrepreneurship at NOVANCIA. They come from two different backgrounds: technical and business, and they were connected by a common passion for organic farming. Thanks to their family and professional experience, they observed that organic market and market gardening, due to its specificity, is devoid of production tools.

They then took the lead in providing technical solutions tailored to the problem in the field, and Terrateck was born. Terrateck design method: It is believed that the gardener is best able to know his needs because he experiences them every day. Through the CASDAR program “Collective Mobilization for Agroecology”, we bring together producers, technical institutes and producer associations to identify needs. Terrateck then intervenes as technical expertise to offer tools that meet specific needs. Today we received another package that we will unpack with you.

We will show you what we ordered and briefly present some tools from Terrateck thanks to which we achieve greater efficiency and efficiency. In times when there is a shortage of hands to work and there are very few people who want to continue working in agriculture, any innovations that allow more effective and efficient work are worth their weight in gold. The market of agricultural equipment is primarily manufacturers focused on servicing large conventional farms and thus the production of large and very expensive machines.

Few solutions are prepared for small and medium-sized farms, and they are lacking especially in organic and regenerative production, focused on a short supply chain and individual customer service. From mid-2022, Ostoja Natury started cooperation with Terrateck and today we are their official representative in Poland. We conduct permanent sales and advise in the selection of appropriate solutions. For more information, please visit the Terrateck tab.

What else can you find in Ostoja Natury?

The offer of Ostoja Natury includes organically grown and certified vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs, preserves, juices, eggs, as well as many other products, including solutions for gardens or crops, such as Ost-Oya, Terrateck or hemp blocks for construction IsoHemp buildings.

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