As Ostoja Natury we prepare an offer of packages of solutions for rural households in Poland and abroad, which are planning to switch to ecology or are already involved in the production of BIO food. The partners of the Refuges of Nature are a family of companies and people who, by developing methods that are environmentally, socially and economically efficient, try to make our world a little better.


MANDAM is one of the largest Polish producers of agricultural machinery. Annually, it produces approx. 3,000 machines, of which more than half are exported.

The constantly expanding range of MANDAM products includes cultivating machines for stubble plowing, plowing and green area care as well as a tool for mechanizing works on a farm. The most important motto of MANDAM’s activity is the quality of products, environmental protection, customer safety, service and individual adaptation of machine equipment to the type of soil in a given region.


Cultivator (gruber) double-stubble for stubble cultivation, cultivation before sowing and planting, where thanks to perfect undercutting and mixing crop residues, they achieve excellent results. Two rows of teeth and toothed discs ø 465 mm set alternately and a wide range of cultivation rollers guarantees a high level of post harvest cultivation. A high clearance between the frame and the ground (about 80 cm) allows you to work on high cut cereal or maize stubble.


The knife shaft, diameter 380 mm, can be mounted directly in front of the disc harrow or on the tractor TURZE. It is made of six segments, on which cutting knives made of 8 mm hardox are mounted. His main task is to cut straw and crop residues. It is also an ideal tool to fight with the cornworm.

Light plow 3+

ORKAN reversible plows are offered with three, four and five bodies. Plows frame is made of a 120x120x8 mm profile (in 3+ and 3 + 1 models) and 140x140x10 mm (in 4+ and 4 + 1 models). The construction of the plows is characterized by a high ground clearance (82 cm), large spacing between the bodies (102 cm) and a wide range of working width adjustment (30-50 cm). ORKAN plow can be plowed in all conditions, it is durable, it offers little resistance, it is easy to use.

Subsoiler MG2 2000 + moles

Subsoilers provide deep soil loosening without disturbing its layered structure and eliminates the plow plow.

HYBRO 6,0 m H

In the first section consisting of cast iron fibers, Hybro leveles the surface of the meadow, eliminates molehills, crushes animal excrements and performs preliminary pre-treatment. The second section of the spring harrow perfectly fulfills the function of the area of meadows and other green areas, superbly preparing them for sowing grass (sowing losses). Hybro can be equipped with a pneumatic seed drill and cambridge rollers for sowing grass at the customer’s request.

BEST Cultivator

The task of the BEST cultivator is to perfectly prepare the soil for sowing and germination of plants rich in nutritional values, water and oxygen. BEST is a multi-section pre-sowing cultivating machine whose basic working field consists of 5 rows of vibrating teeth. The increased number of rows compared to standard aggregates allows the use of 8 cm tooth pitch and improved machine performance.


In Ostoja Natury, we support innovative solutions, and their producers support the innovation of our cooperative and the tools used here. As part of the partnership with Nantes, we increase the efficiency of agricultural production thanks to the use of the technology of changing the structure of water – AGRO PLASM.

AGRO PLASM is an automatic controlled industrial plasma chamber for the production of “nano water”, that is, subjected to low-temperature and low-pressure plasma, it starts to have other physicochemical properties, such as increasing the electromagnetic conductivity or reducing the surface tension. As a result, it increases the bioavailability of water by living organisms, including plants.

Thanks to the water decompression technology in the Plasma Low-temperature Reactor, we obtain:

  • maintenance of atomic bonds and maintenance of the achieved water structure by preventing re-aggregation
  • water in the form of a collection of water clathrats with molecules of singlet oxygen molecules enclosed in them
  • significantly increased chemical and biological activity of “NanoWater” allowing the dissolution of organic compounds
  • increased penetration and concentration of active components

What specifically applies “NanoWody” in the plant growing process?

  • Increased yields on the same area and faster growth
  • Increased foliar absorption and improvement of plant resistance
  • Ecological cleanliness of crops at a substantially reduced cost of carrying them
  • Higher efficiency of used fertilizers with less consumption and condensation

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Foil Tunnels Farmer

The Farmer company is a leading producer of tunnels and foil blocks with equipment. These tunnels are designed for gardening, nursery and for various fruit and vegetable growing. Farmer CO. As a Polish manufacturer, it has properly designed, solid objects adapted to our climate zone. They are resistant to loads due to snowfall or wind.

In the Nature Reserve, a tunnel measuring 30 x 9 meters has been installed for now. There is a high probability that to provide our customers with fresh products also in the off-season, this area will significantly increase soon.


Kubota is a Japanese producer of heavy agricultural equipment based in Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1890, employs around 25,000 people around the world. people, and Kubota tractors work well in many fields and in many tasks characterized by a truly Japanese quality.

Kubota M5091

In the Ostoja Natury we have a Kubota M5091 tractor, which is a response to the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. The tractor has introduced many improvements, which were suggested by Kubota customers, among other things, a new cab, with a homologation of two people, up to 18 cm, an electro-hydraulic reversal, and a completely new tractor appearance were used. These are just a few changes compared to my older brother. In Ostoja, it works great.

Do you want to find out how we use our partners’ equipment in Ostoja Natura? Soon you will see it in our productions as part of the Ostoja TV channel, and meanwhile find out more about us.