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Wykopki 2019

This year’s excavations at RSP Ostoja Natury are behind us. In the latest material from the series “From Ostoja’s Life” see what they looked like, who visited us and what surprises happened to us this year.

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From autumn a premiere show every two weeks!

Thanks to Ostoja Natury TV productions, you’ll learn about many ecological initiatives, products and the process of their creation. You will be also a witness of many interesting debates in which valued authorities will participate. Fans of agricultural machinery and equipment will also find something for themselves – tests of various machines and their practical use, with particular emphasis on organic farming

At Ostoja Natury TV we will regularly publish further programs and episode premieres. Soon will be the first of them, so we invite you to visit the site regularly or to like and follow our channel on Youtube.

Farm Gear

Antek Pawlicki tests machines and solutions used in agriculture

(September 2019)

Merry’s Herbs

Marysia Konarowska with the specialists and guests gets to know the world of herbs

(September 2019)


Debates on agriculture, ecology and innovations with renowned experts

(October 2019)

From Ostoja’s live

Lajan, Baron, Prezes and Stachu report current events in the life of the Cooperative

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