What is “Ostoja Natury” (Refuge of Nature)

Ostoja Natury is the agricultural ecosystem of tomorrow constituting the reference farm model of smart village. The group of producers creates high-quality food, distributed directly to customers through a sales platform that does not require intermediaries. This organic farm is a closed circuit in which waste is a fuel, and  farm produces energy, enables year-round food production and works more efficiently, ensuring higher yields.

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In the Ostoja Natura offer you will find vegetables, fruits, grain crops, or herbs that we will soon deliver straight to your door thanks to the distribution platform we are building. Meanwhile, we invite you to receive a personal collection in Tomaszyn or check our fan page to see currently offered sets..

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We prezent, the harvest of ancient grains in Ostoja Natury. The first step was 3 hectares of Winter Orkisz. We obtained ecological, certified grain from Tadeusz Rolnik, for which we are very grateful. Wojtek’s help was also invaluable together with his Bizon combine, the pride of the Polish machine industry from the previous era.


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