INNOVATIVE FIGHT TUBES, it reduces water by 50%.The beneficial effects of the idea of the shape of longitudinally corrugated pipes used in his own farm prompted Andrzej Walczak to try to implement this innovative solution for heating greenhouses. In its facilities, it installs longitudinally corrugated pipes, which bring significant savings in heating the greenhouse every year. This shape has numerous advantages: larger heating surface, smaller liquid capacity, lower weight, better thermal exchange [shape of the heat sink], lower operating costs.

Longitudinally corrugated pipes load the greenhouse structure to a lesser extent. The reduced weight of the tube facilitates lifting and lowering. Innovative pipes with an increased exchange surface are used in the latest system of growing tomatoes with extended beds (instead of 1.60 m – 2 meters), complementing the lack of two lower pipes and vegetation. The larger surface of the pipes allows the use of lower temperatures of the medium in the pipes, which is associated with lower operating costs.

Due to their properties, Walczak pipes are increasingly used in construction in companies producing radiators, heaters, railings, fence posts and fences, supports for gutters in the cultivation of strawberries, protective mesh supports in orchards and vineyards. This solution is legally protected.