Ostoja Natury TV is a communication platform through which we present everything that happens in our cooperative, and we also try to educate and promote knowledge about ecology and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Here you will find both substantive lectures as well as programs and vlogs from the life of our cooperative.

We prepare our materials in series such as: Ostoja Vlog, Farm Gear, From the life of Ostoja Natury and Biotech. You can find all playlists below.

Ostoja Vlog

Farm Gear

Z życia Ostoi Natury

Biotech od 2020

What else can you find in Ostoja Natury?

The offer of Ostoja Natury includes organically grown and certified vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs, preserves, juices, eggs, as well as many other products, including solutions for gardens or crops, such as Ost-Oya, Terrateck or hemp blocks for construction IsoHemp buildings.

Choose the assortment you are interested in or contact us.

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