BioHub Ostoja – local food for the local community


BioHub Bazar is an ecological market full of health in Olsztynek. A group of organic and traditional producers, distinguished by high-quality products, mainly from the Warmia and Mazury region, joined forces to create a sales, communication and education platform enabling the construction of a short supply chain. By building an educational and sales platform, we engage high-quality food producers, educate, create tools for cooperation and exchange of knowledge, and implement a common promotional strategy aimed at expanding the common market for high-quality food producers in the voivodeship.

The ecological market is held periodically, every Sunday from June to November 2020 at the Municipal Market in Olsztynek (ul. Kościuszki 6d). The fair is occasionally accompanied by additional educational events and events promoting local culture.

BioHub Bazar is organized by representatives of the private sector (RSP Ostoja Natury), public (Olsztynek commune) and non-governmental organizations (associations and foundations) and is a manifestation of partnership created for the development of rural areas and activation of their inhabitants through education and building common sales markets based on o short supply chains.

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The main goal of the BioHub Ostoja operation – local food for the local community is the exchange of knowledge and mutual education of organic and traditional producers offering high-quality products.

It is also important to educate consumers in the field of short supply chains in line with the idea of “farm to fork” among consumers and build their awareness of the importance of using ecological and high-quality products in their daily diet.

The objectives of the operation also include the organization of a short supply chain of high-quality food in the form of a cyclical eco-bazaar and the creation of a network of contacts and foundations of the Producer Group, thanks to which we ensure an increase in revenues and profitability of farms and producers of high-quality food, which may lead to increased employment through knowledge exchange, good practices or mutual support in implementing innovations.


The assumed effect will be the creation of a group of high-quality food producers, educated through our activities related to Bio Hub Bazaar, and providing them with a permanent sales platform, enabling them to reach a wider group of interested customers. The second effect will be building a community of customers aware of how important it is for the health and proper functioning of the body to provide it with the highest quality products purchased directly from their producers.

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“European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas”. RDP Managing Authority 2014-2020 – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the National Rural Network of RDP 2014-2020.